FME Virtual Training Courses
by and for GIS Professionals

Face your organization’s challenges head on by unlocking the full potential of FME. With our new virtual training courses, get up and running fast and use the most powerful data integration platform to your advantage.

Kick it into high gear

We’re glad you use FME already and that you find it useful, but imagine what you could do if you unlocked its full power! We have a ton of tips and tricks to help you use FME to increase the efficiency of your data processing and to add incredibly useful automations to your work.


Get off on the right foot

Are you new to FME solutions and looking to familiarize yourself with the fundamentals? Or do you want to hone your FME Desktop or FME Server skills? In both cases, our certified experts will teach you a wide range of ways to use these powerful tools.


Trainings tailored to geomatics professionals

Seasoned FME-certified instructors

16 modules for all proficiency levels

High-tech trainings with Strigo for more interactive sessions

Once more, Consortech innovates by integrating the learning platform Strigo to its online training courses. Training materials, conference and communications tools, live training labs with pre-installed software that’s ready to go… You don’t have to download a thing!

A pragmatic, real-life approach

Our instructors are all geomatics professionals who understand what you’re up against. When they’re not training specialists, they’re helping our clients with their projects. Meet our team.

Public or private? You choose!

Found a public training session you’re interested in, but can’t make it that day? We can put a private session together just for you, with your organization’s needs in mind. Just ask us.

Get 20% off

For a limited time only! When you sign up for four or more public courses.