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Since we were founded in 1989, we have been driven by one clear objective: to make geospatial data work for organizations and their community.

By doing that, we shine a spotlight on GIS leaders and help them strategically position their department within their organization.

This mission is what has motivated us to take on challenges that are as complex as they are diverse.

Our values


We provide exceptional services and always aim higher. We want to do better and have fun while we’re at it!


We take ownership for the scope and impact of our actions on the success of our clients. We’re all about accountability.


We will always choose collaboration over competition. We tackle every challenge with our colleagues, clients and partners.


We are open to new ideas and opinions. The input of all stakeholders makes all of us better.


We’re not afraid to follow our gut and step out of our comfort zone. Innovation is also about not being afraid to make mistakes.


Geomatics was still in its infancy, but emerging technologies motivated Pierre Genest to start a business whose mission was to introduce new technology at the municipal level. Consortech initially focused on developing a property assessment system. That system is still in use today and updated by our team.

At that time, cities had no or very little geospatial data. We therefore quickly hired our first geomatics specialists. They helped and equipped our clients to produce map data.

1990 à 1994

Before mobile technologies and applications became democratized like they are today, Consortech developed PortaCAD, a CAD software to collect field data that worked on a GRID-brand electronic tablet equipped with a stylus that we also distributed.

We then entered a period of significant growth during which Consortech sold PortaCAD in Ontario, British Columbia, the United States and Bermuda. The company then aspired to break into the international market, and promotional efforts reached France and China.

1995 à 1999

The municipal IT solution market tightened, and our dreams of commercializing PortaCAD did not come to fruition. Always ready to ask ourselves questions to do better, Consortech turned its focus to distributing value-added products and developed partnerships with MapInfo, Safe Software (FME) and Bentley. We quickly became Bentley’s largest partner in Quebec and launched MicroStation-based solutions for geomatics, civil engineering, and plant engineering.

2000 à 2004


Bentley, our primary provider, eliminated its reseller network. This forced us to ask ourselves questions and realign our activities to better evolve. We concluded an agreement with Autodesk. This partnership catapulted us to becoming the top geomatics reseller in Quebec and a leader in the integration of new Civil 3D technology. It was a successful shift!

2005 à 2008

Our company expanded after obtaining service contracts with major Quebec government departments and institutions.

Always on the lookout for opportunities, we expanded our Autodesk product and service offering to serve architecture, engineering, and construction (AEC) clients. Our Revit software expertise led us to the world of BIM, and we became an important contributor to the adoption of this new work approach in Quebec.

2009 à 2013

The company’s founder implemented a business succession plan involving Rémy Pelletier, Guillaume Genest and François Laganière.

Our desire to stand out in our industry drove us to narrow the focus of our change of course to geospatial ETL consulting services and BIM support services. The company expanded and gained ground in the Ontario market.

2014 à 2017

The body of shareholders changed in 2014. Control of the company now belongs to three successors, with Rémy Pelletier at the helm.

Consortech looked to the future and decided in 2017 to focus its expertise on geospatial data integration and sell its Autodesk product resale division.

2018 à 2019

Since 2018, Consortech has been exporting its expertise from coast to coast. As Safe Software’s only platinum partner in North America, we have forged relationships with new clients in Ontario, Western Canada and the United States.

Our team has taken their unique FME expertise on the road, touring several American cities and getting involved with a wide variety of organizations, conferences, and so on. These efforts have paid off. As the company celebrates 30 years in business, more than 40% of our revenue comes from outside of Quebec.


Guillaume Genest and François Laganière took the helm of Consortech as the sole two shareholders. They aligned behind a single vision: to develop the company with a focus on geospatial performance.


After more than 30 years of excellence in the geomatics field using the Esri ecosystem, Consortech attained Silver partner status with Esri as a show of our commitment to The Science of Where™.


Our team is looking at some exciting times ahead: our unique ArcGIS & FME expertise is generating excitement as we continue our expansion into the North American market!


Looking back, as we commemorate 35 years of business, it’s fascinating to note that even though technology has changed and our services have evolved, our core mission remains essentially unchanged: to help GIS leaders in leveraging their geospatial data for the benefit of their organization and community.


And offer pragmatic advice and solutions adapted to your reality.