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Nothing beats FME when it comes to processing geospatial data

Safe Software’s FME platform is the choice of countless experts because it is the best technology on the market for getting the most out of your geospatial data.

  • Focus on value-added tasks thanks to automation
  • Achieve unparalleled efficiency without having to code or depend on IT
  • Easily modify your workflow with a visual interface
  • Share your wealth of geospatial data with your entire organization



FME Server monitoring as a governance strategy

Are you thinking about deploying a monitoring strategy for your FME Server environment? Keep an eye on your platform’s health with FME Server Dashboards.


City of Toronto: Automating the production of maps in PDF reports

City of Toronto: Automating the production of maps in PDF reports

Toronto, the capital of the province of Ontario and the largest city in Canada is a dynamic metropolis where the urban planning division plays an important role in helping to build the future read more

Our FME coaching and training solutions make your team more self-reliant

Our FME trainers will take your team under their wing. Our Starter Kit will show your team the ropes of FME while they work on their own projects. Advanced users can get a further leg up with the Booster Kit.

the Starter Kit for FME

the Booster Kit for FME

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