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Carve your GIS department the space it deserves

GIS is a booming industry! In addition to creating value for organizations, GIS also benefits the community as a whole.

With Consortech’s help, GIS departments can join the movement and position themselves as a strategic, essential piece of the puzzle. And it’s all thanks to geospatial performance!

Our GIS and IT experts act primarily
on three technological angles

Our GIS and IT experts act primarily on three technological angles

Stabilizing and upgrading ArcGIS and FME platforms

Optimizing and automating processes with FME

Securing ArcGIS integrations with enterprise systems

Our expertise
makes the difference

Consortech is not like other GIS consultants. We master every single aspect of automation and application integration by leveraging the complementarity of FME and ArcGIS.

Over the years, we have developed a range of services around the concept of geospatial performance. More specifically, we support GIS leaders in balancing their investments in the five main pillars of geospatial performance.

In very concrete terms, we help decision makers put their data acquisition and technology options into perspective. We do that by optimizing and automating processes and by developing the skillsets of GIS specialists.

We also provide our clients a framework with flexible governance rules that account for their realities and organizational constraints.

The Consortech difference

Full mastery of FME, the best geospatial data integration platform

Extensive knowledge of the ArcGIS platform to help you harness its full potential

Excellent understanding of the challenges of interconnected databases
Consultants who understand the needs of businesses
Advanced expertise in IT architecture
A collaborative, pragmatic approach that focuses on getting you the results you want!

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