Consortech: the only
Platinum-level Safe Software partner in North America

We have been closely following the evolution of Safe Software’s FME software since 1999 to be able to meet evolving market and client requirements.

Our team of geospatial ETL consultants and developers creates value-added solutions to improve data processing efficiency. In addition, Consortech invests in certifying its resources as “FME Certified Trainer and Professional” to guarantee training courses and services of the highest quality.

As the amount of geospatial data has grown and FME has remained independent of major software companies, Safe Software has been able to position itself as the vendor of a simple, neutral and cost-effective ETL tool.

Safe Software is the world leader in the transformation and manipulation of spatial and CADD data. Its flagship software, FME, has long been recognized in the industry.

Consortech and K2 Geospatial:
Delivering even more
complete solutions

In June 2017, Consortech began partnering with K2 Geospatial, a geomatics software company that specializes in the JMap product suite.

Pooling Consortech’s and K2 Geospatial’s respective skills lets us enhance and diversify the solutions we offer our clients. Our data processing know-how lets JMap users access a wider range of quality data, leading to better-informed decisions.

The integration and implementation of geospatial solutions is now simpler than ever thanks to this partnership of complementary expertises!