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FME Form by Safe Software

FME Form (FME Desktop):  Leverage your data

Geospatial or not, your data can take you far with Consortech!

There are plenty of advantages to FME Form (formerly FME Desktop), but one of the most important is that it unlocks your data’s potential. By automating data processing and integration, you can use your data with a wide range of tools, platforms and software. No longer will you be plagued by compatibility issues and cumbersome processes!

Do away with programming and improve your productivity

With Safe Software’s FME Form software, you can perform and automate a wide variety of data extraction, translation, transformation, remediation and loading tasks.

FME Form has a user-friendly drag-and-drop interface, so you can handle massive amounts of data without having to program code or even break a sweat. Plus, operations are a breeze to track and modify, thanks to the software’s automatic documentation.

Using FME FORM means:

  • Reading and writing over 450 formats of geospatial and non-geospatial data
  • Greater flexibility: no programming is required, and you can always enhance your workflow with languages like Python and R
  • Access to more than 500 data manipulation and translation tools

We create value by:

  • Offering personalized training and project support
  • Assessing your existing data processing and manipulation procedures
  • Preparing a tailored implementation plan that factors in return on investment
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FME Form: a surefire solution for automated processes and quality data

FME is so much easier to use and way more efficient than coding. In my current role, I need to perform so many duties, that it is hard to sit down and dedicate time to coding. On the other hand, I can build FME models quickly and easily, without all the development overhead.

– Paul Morrison, GIS Manager, Red Bluff Resources

Flying colours for our team

City of Airdrie

With the introduction of the new GIS model, Airdrie now has a single set of data to maintain. The city has started over with an updated version of its underground infrastructure data and abandoned the old GIS model.

In addition to having centralized, up-to-date data, Airdrie no longer needs to manually perform import and assignment tasks.