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Our kits will boost your performance 

Our solutions are modular and complementary, and they are built upon a collaborative approach that aims to expand your team’s skillset and improve your department’s performance by automating your processes and integrating your applications, including ArcGIS.

1 Ignition

Identify projects that will lead to improvements and create a realistic road map to boost your geospatial performance

2 Automation

Carry out effective integration and automation projects by adopting best practices tailored to your organization.

3 Orchestration

Deploy and manage your automated processes in FME Server at all levels of the organization.

4 FME Governance

Structure and optimize how your organization uses FME for an integration strategy that is in perfect alignment with your organization’s operational rules.


Our evaluation package offers a rigorous evaluation of your FME platform, exploring primary automations and Workspaces.

The Consortech difference

We propose a tried-and-true structured approach to help you quickly generate tangible results. You have our word!