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Consortech has been on a growth journey since 1999 alongside its partner Safe Software, the proud creator of FME. We are also proud to be among Safe Software’s Platinum partners in North America.

Safe Software is the world leader in the transformation, manipulation and integration of spatial data. Well known in the industry for years now, FME remains unrivalled at empowering organizations to extract valuable information from astronomical amounts of data.

We see our platinum partner status as much more than just a title. We see it as proof that our team has absolute mastery of this technology. We have dedicated years to analyzing FME from every angle, discovering potential new uses and testing it in a wide variety of scenarios.

Our Safe Software-certified experts offer the full range of FME-related services, from training to optimizing architecture and completing complex projects.

Consortech and Safe Software both share a passion for delivering innovative solutions, making our partnership truly special and rewarding. Together, we’ve empowered thousands of organizations to unlock the full potential of their data with FME, significantly boosting efficiency and delivering real value.

– Don Murray, Co-Founder & CEO of Safe Software

FME by Safe Software Logo

A committed partner to the geomatics 

We’ve amassed an impressive amount of knowledge over the course of our many projects, and nothing makes us happier than sharing it with others. We believe in giving back to the North American geomatics community, which is why we organize webinars, presentations and technical workshops and participate in events and conferences held by a number of organizations, such as URISA.

safe software, a STRONG PARTNERSHIP