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The road to geospatial performance is filled with complex challenges. The good news is you don’t have to go it alone. Build a solid foundation for your success with a well-structured approach combining your operational knowledge with our technical and business expertise.

We will work together to draw up a realistic road map to home in on the most promising opportunities for improvement. And rest assured, a roadmap doesn’t need to be overly complex to help you streamline your operations and propel your business into growth, one project at a time. 

Tell us about the challenges you’re up against!


As GIS specialists, Consortech has hundreds of projects under its belt working with FME technology, more often than not in ArcGIS environments. Our habit of asking all the right questions has made us experts in finding opportunities for improvement for our clients. 

Whether it’s integrating your applications to break down your silos, saving valuable time by optimizing your processes or automating your repetitive tasks, our experts will guide you every step of the way to geospatial performance.


  • To explore new possibilities by getting the most out of low-code FME solutions
  • To identify promising projects with a simple and well-structured method with a proven track record
  • To pool together your operational knowledge and our advisors’ technical experience
  • To draw inspiration from the best examples of projects undertaken by similar organizations
  • To optimize how you use your ArcGIS environment
  • To expand your GIS team’s skillset


Intro session

We will talk about what FME and FME Server can do for you and present a few typical examples of integration and automation projects, particularly in ArcGIS environments.  The goal is to come up with ideas and to agree on a common language and framework to prepare the workshops.

Exploratory workshops

We will have a conversation to understand the structure of your organization and GIS department and the stakes for you, so we can pinpoint the main issues to address and opportunities for improvement.

Project evaluation

Our experts will evaluate the issues and opportunities before you. The goal is to identify the projects that can generate results in perfect alignment with your organization’s mission and priorities, all with your GIS department’s skillsets in mind.

Road map definition

We will discuss the evaluation results in order to define the ideal sequence of projects and tasks to bring your GIS department closer to its goals and help you achieve the anticipated results.



We will propose a roadmap, including projects to prioritize, estimated time frames and recommendations to your organization’s stakeholders.

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