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The road to geospatial performance is filled with complex challenges. The good news is you don’t have to do it alone. Start on a solid foundation with our structured collaborative approach.

We will work together to draw up a realistic road map to home in on the most promising opportunities for improvement. And you can rest assured the solutions we come up with will be fully tailored to your unique situation and business constraints.

Tell us about the challenges you’re up against!


As a GIS manager, you may sometimes find it hard to pinpoint the best way to improve your department’s performance, while also providing more services to your organization’s other departments.

What projects will translate into quick gains? What kind of effort will be required, considering your team’s abilities?

If you’re being hamstrung by your operations, you might not be able to find the time to step back and take full stock of the situation to identify promising improvement opportunities. And that is where our Ignition Kit comes in.


  • To identify projects with the most potential to meet your organization’s requirements

  • To have someone look at your organization from an external, unbiased perspective and tell you exactly what you need to do to take your GIS department to the next level
  • To assess the skills of your team and identify what they need to be able to meet your performance targets
  • To get your department and your data the visibility they deserve
  • To integrate ArcGIS with other systems and break down the silo culture bogging down your GIS team
  • To efficiently plan your projects to support your objectives
  • To improve the performance of your ArcGIS environment


Intro session

At this meeting, we will talk about what the typical integration and automation projects look like, especially ones that use FME. The goal is to come up with ideas and to agree on a common language and framework to prepare the workshops.

Exploratory workshops

Over two or three sessions, we will gain a better understanding of your organization’s structure and dynamics, as well as the specific challenges your GIS department is up against (in terms of everything from skills to the technology used), and we will also conduct a high-level review of your existing IT infrastructure, architectures and systems.

Opportunity analysis

At this point, we will be able to identify the projects that can generate results in perfect alignment with your organization’s mission and priorities, all with your GIS department’s skillsets in mind.

Road map

We will use all the information we have gathered to lead a brainstorming session with your team and put our heads together to determine the ideal sequence of projects and tasks to reach your goals and hit your targets.



We will hold a meeting with the organization’s main stakeholders to share our findings and recommendations, submitted in the form of a report. The initial automation and/or integration projects to be implemented first will be clearly detailed and costed.

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