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FME Assessment Kit by Consortech

FME Technology Assessment
Get a clearer picture of your data processing capabilities

Navigating the vast landscape of data processing might seem overwhelming. Don’t give up! Our evaluation package offers you a rigorous assessment of your FME platform.

This 360° analysis uncovers risks, potential vulnerabilities, and avenues for enhancement, culminating in a detailed report.

It’s all about making informed decisions!

Why opt for our FME Technology Assessment?

Our methodical assessment allows you to thoroughly examine your FME environment, enabling you to gain a complete understanding of your key automations and Workspaces.

Over the years, FME has transitioned from a specialized tool to an integral data integration platform that syncs with your IT framework. As the layers of its implementation have accumulated, the vision may have become obscured. Periodic realignment, clear assessment, and proactive decisions become paramount. We’re here to guide you through the process.

Unsure if it’s time to conduct an FME assessment? Ask yourself these questions:

  • Are your FME environments optimally stable?
  • Have you lost critical resources and need direction?
  • Are you navigating without adequate documentation?
  • Are you considering an FME Flow migration but lack clarity?
  • Are you embarking on an FME Governance project and need a holistic view?

A comprehensive, value-driven kit

Optimize your FME usage with our technology assessment for only $9,860.
4 diagnostic workshops tailored to your needs

These collaborative sessions are designed to harness group insights. Our workshops are meticulously crafted, focusing on actionable and forward-looking solutions.

Workshop 1: FME Global Context

Workshop 2: FME Flow Environment

Workshop 3: FME Flow Management

Workshop 4: Business use of FME

Result analysis
Post-workshop, we analyze and evaluate the information to prepare informed recommendations. It’s all about driving value, aligning strategies, and ensuring FME is leveraged to its utmost, propelling your organization toward its defined goals.
Final presentation
This workshop offers a culmination of insights, complete with a thorough analysis that prompts discussions and draws focus on implementable strategies — always taking into account the objectives and constraints of your organization.
Recommendation report
Based on initial requirements and strategic direction, you will receive a complete recommendation report.

Move beyond guesswork!

Get a comprehensive understanding of your FME usage to safeguard and expand its application.