Consortech’s coaching service: assistance where you need it most.
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Get the most out of your GIS projects

In the realm of geomatics, unleashing the full potential of your GIS projects can be the driving force behind your organization’s growth and success. Yet, department leaders and team members often struggle to determine a suitable course of action, leading to longer timeframes.

This is where Consortech’s coaching service comes into play. Our experts will guide you through the process, helping you leverage your team’s skillsets and in-house resources to carry out your project efficiently and overcome future challenges with ease and confidence.

Paving your road to success

Paving your road to success

At Consortech, we are dedicated to helping you achieve your project goals. Our team of experts will lead you through creating adaptable scripts, FME Workspaces, and sustainable ArcGIS applications to streamline your projects and ensure flawless execution. You already have all the right tools; let us show you how to make the most of them.

Choosing the right approach for your project

Is coaching best suited to your project needs? It all depends on your team’s preferred level of involvement in solution architecture and technical development.

Coaching is the ideal solution for teams looking to enhance their performance and productivity by fully exploiting their skills and departmental resources with the help of an external consultant. Still not sure which approach will provide the most value? Check out our latest blog post for more insight into the differences between coaching and co-development.

When is coaching the right choice?

When is coaching the right choice?

  • You’re looking for a guiding approach without handing over project responsibilities.
  • Your GIS team has the necessary in-house resources but requires additional expertise to successfully complete their projects.
  • You want to leverage best practices to achieve optimal results.
  • You want to map out your project and identify the best possible solutions.

Our process

Every project and organization is unique. That’s why we begin by meeting with your team during the initiation phase to gather information and develop a tailored plan of action, taking into account your department’s expertise. We will then guide you through the optimal project sequence until completion.

Our role is to be flexible and adjust to your environment to ensure the success of your project.

Your solution to excellence

Want to take your projects to new heights with the power of coaching?