A customized FME Advanced Training course

Consortech’s team of experts offers you advanced training on FME Desktop. It is designed according to your needs and will allow you to perfect your use of the software and do even more with it!

Reach the next level and learn how to perform complex data processing with a two-day* training course on FME Desktop.

training plan (2 days*)

Advanced parameter use

  • FME parameters
  • Shared parameters
  • Parameter settings
  • Specialist parameters

Custom transformers

  • Creating a custom transformer
  • Input and output ports
  • Schema handling
  • Switching transformer type
  • Looping

Advanced attribute handling

  • Constructing values
  • FME functions
  • Conditional values
  • Multiple feature attributes
  • Null attributes

Performance considerations

  • Performance and FME
  • 64-bit FME
  • Log file interpretation
  • Reader and writer optimization
  • Transformer optimization
  • Parallel processing
  • FME Server and FME Cloud performance

Advanced readers and writers

  • Writing zip files
  • Fanouts
  • Dynamic conversions
  • Dynamic schema handling
  • Advanced dynamic schemas

*Course length can vary depending on the selected subjects.

Contact us for more information or to reserve your seat!

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