Leverage your data
with FME Desktop

Geospatial or not, your data can take you far with Consortech!

Save time and considerably streamline your work processes with the efficient implementation of FME Desktop software. Our geospatial ETL experts can analyze your processes, automate your workflows and validate your CAD data to integrate it in GIS format.

Centralize your data and increase your productivity

Safe Software’s FME Desktop enables you to perform and automate a wide variety of data extraction, transformation and loading tasks.

With a user-friendly drag-and-drop interface, you can perform powerful data operations without programming!

Using FME Desktop  means:

  • Reading and writing over 350 formats of spatial and non-spatial data
  • Validating data in accordance with your standards
  • Having access to more than 475 operations and transformation tools

We create value by:

  • Integrating with your IT infrastructure
  • Assessing your existing data transfer processes
  • Developing effective plans to increase access to your data
  • Optimizing the integration of data in your systems and databases

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Our ETL expertise with FME Desktop
contributes to automating your processes and

and to the quality of your data!

Success Story

City of Airdrie

With the introduction of the new GIS model, Airdrie now has a single set of data to maintain. The city has started over with an updated version of its underground infrastructure data and abandoned the old GIS model.

In addition to having centralized, up-to-date data, Airdrie no longer needs to manually perform import and assignment tasks.

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