FME 2018 Highlights

FME 2018 is just around the corner and this might be the most interesting release in years. The list of changes is long, so here are the key takeaways regarding formats, …

5 Things that Make the Cost of ETL Projects Go Up

Several situations influence the complexity, duration and cost of an ETL project. Whether you’re developing an ad-hoc process or a large-scale migration, it’s important to pay attention to certain factors that can drive up the cost!

6 Essential Resources to Build your FME Expertise

Whether you’ve been using FME for a few months or for several years, it’s important to keep your knowledge up to date to get the most out of the software. Here are several relevant resources to do just that!

FME project wrap-up checklist

Doing a quick workspace validation at the end of the project will help make sure your workspace is understandable, and ready for future modification…