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FME 2018 is just around the corner and this might be the most interesting release in years. The list of changes is long, so here are the key takeaways regarding formats, transformers, and Workbench/Server enhancements.

New Formats

  • PDF Reader: Extract raster, vector and text data from pdf documents
  • LDAP (Active Directory) Reader: Read contents of your Organisation’s Active Directory
  • Word Writer: Export text, headings, bullet points and rasters in word documents
  • Powerpoint Writer: Add raster and vector features to ppt slides
  • GDALGeneric Raster Reader: Read any supported GDAL raster format

New Transformers

  • 3DBufferer: Buffer solids and lines in 3D
  • MSWordStyler& PowerPointStyler: Style your output Word or PowerPoint content using set parameters or reference a template.
  • Joiner: Make use of database join terminology (inner, left, full). This new transformer may very well replace the FeatureMerger in the near future.
  • HDFSConnector: Move files to and from Hadoop
  • S3Connector: Connect to Amazon S3 buckets

FME Workbench Enhancements

  • Better performance: Run your workspaces faster with less memory usage
  • Collapse Bookmarks: Tidy up your workspaces and even replace some custom transformers by collapsing your bookmarks.
  • Copy/paste transformer test conditions: Reuse existing test conditions and conditional values in different transformer
  • Log filtering: Help better find error or warning messages in translation logs.
  • FeatureWriter: Added output ports to allow input features to carry through the workspace.
  • Partial workspace runs: Avoid rereading source data over and over again during workspace testing or debugging. Cached features also allow running small portions of a workspace instead of running the workspace from the beginning.
  • FME Data Inspector window in FME Workbench: Visualise your data instantly throughout your workflow.

FME Server Enhancements

  • Workspace viewer: View workspaces and transformer parameters directly on FME Server.
  • Event-based workflow (coming in version 2018.1): Build automation workflows (directory watching, notifications) using a drag-and-drop visual interface.
  • Easier job management: Filter jobs by user and job status.
  • Password recovery (Forgot your Password?): Reset your password without having to contact your FME Server administrator.
  • Deployment visualisation: See the different machines and what components of FME Server are deployed on each of them.
  • Enhanced security:
    • Share projects without sharing security credentials.
    • Generate an encryption key for system backups and environment migrations.
  • Dark mode: Change your FME Server user interface to a dark backdrop.
  • FME Server on Docker: Deploy FME Server on any platform that supports Docker.
  • Version control: Add workspaces to version history when publishing to FME Server.


Want to see FME 2018 in action and chat with other users? The FME World Tour 2018 stops by a city near you.