Automate your processes
with FME Server

Are you concerned about having access to reliable data, needing to use multiple systems and managing several processing methods?

The FME Server software solution can address these issues by automating all data extraction, transformation, and loading tasks to make the data available to a large number of users.

Control data movement throughout your organization with our advanced FME Server expertise!

Using FME Server means:

  • Close collaboration with FME Desktop for publishing and automating workspaces
  • The ability to schedule tasks at specific times or work in real time
  • A monitoring, notification, and reporting system
  • Integration with all your system, plus the ability to connect to a variety of applications and cloud and web services
  • A flexible and scalable architecture that deploys power as needed

We create value by:

  • Creating made-to-measure data processing services
  • Connecting information systems and managing data movement
  • Orchestrating and efficiently synchronizing multiple ETL processes
  • Providing centralized and reliable access to the most up-to-date information, regardless of the system in which it is located
  • Setting up self-service portals for uploading or downloading data
  • Implementing quality management systems within your automated processes
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Make your users self-reliant and reduce data access time with an efficient implementation of FME Server!

Flying colours for our team

City of Sherbrooke

“Consortech’s openness, listening and creativity enabled us to implement FME Server within our organization while respecting our organizational constraints. Their expertise resulted in the implementation of a high-performing solution that meets our objectives.”

André Corriveau
Chief, Geomatics Division, City of Sherbrooke