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At the City of Sherbrooke, spatial data is at the heart of the geomatics department’s work. Around 20 draftsmen need constant access to the Esri storage system and the ability to extract data from it in standard CAD format. When the technology that made these operations possible became obsolete, there was a need to quickly implement a solution that would connect databases, allow for information layers to be extracted and drafts to be created, and produce a downloadable result.

Using Consortech’s solutions, engineering and geomatics staff at the City of Sherbrooke can now count on always up-to-date data being transferred between their departments and smarter production of engineering drawings.


Given that Safe Software’s products were able to effectively meet their needs and that Consortech is the Canadian reference on products and processes that support the ETL approach, the head of the geomatics department called upon the Brossard-native firm to implement the FME Server software solution within the department.

  • Implemented FME Server according to the client’s environment
  • Provided customized training on FME Server
  • Customized the CAD standards validation tool “SOLO Standard Checker”


  • Highly secure work environment
  • Overly sensitive authentication system


  • Data was made accessible at all times
  • Compliance with the organization’s CAD standards was ensured
  • Authentication system’s generation process was automated
  • Employees achieved greater independence on the new FME Server solution
  • Smarter drawing production was achieved


“Consortech’s openness, listening and creativity enabled us to implement FME Server within our organization while respecting our organizational constraints. Their expertise resulted in the implementation of a high-performing solution that meets our objectives.”

André Corriveau

Chief, Geomatics Division, City of Sherbrooke


Learn about the advantages of Consortech “boutique” services and take your organization to another level


Learn about the advantages of Consortech “boutique” services and take your organization to another level