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Automate the translation of CAD data to GIS

Centralize address data (NG9-1-1)

Create web applications (AGOL and others)

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Rationalize the field data capture process (Survey123, Collector, Tracker and others)

Connect ArcGIS with licence and asset management applications

Since 2011, the City of Austin has used FME workspaces to power the data creation for its FloodPro Web Application, responsible for automatically distributing a variety of FEMA, floodplain and storm drain related information. Initially, the FloodPro workspaces took upwards of 8 days to process. Over the past several years, there have been numerous optimization and enhancements which resulted in improvements to processing time. The latest project, undertaken with Consortech, resulted in changes to business practices as well as the creation and application of novel solutions in data processing allowing the City to reduce the processing time to approximately 1 hour.

– Michael Chisum, IT Geospatial Analyst, City of Austin
– Kevin Smith, GISP, Sr IT Applications Analyst, City of Austin