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ArcGIS Online, Esri’s cloud computing platform, is a very popular tool for making and sharing maps, analyzing and working with geospatial data and, especially, informing crucial location‑based decisions.

To get the most out of ArcGIS Online, geomaticians have to carry out many repetitive manual steps or write scripts to:

  • Access multiple data sources or connect to other systems;
  • Transform data so that it can be used easily and efficiently by ArcGIS Online;
  • Regularly and rapidly update multiple layers of information on ArcGIS Online.

We’ll run through case studies to show you how FME has been actively used to:

  • Connect through an API to a third‑party road sign management application and process data to then feed it into ArcGIS Online;
  • Transform and enhance data on inspections of snow removal operations from an ArcGIS Online portal, and update Operations dashboards;
  • Automatically update layers of information on a map of power grids on ArcGIS online from the tables in an ArcSDE database.