Access the power
of FME tools

Consortech offers a wide range of solutions to help you reap tangible, measurable benefits from data processing processes. As a Platinum-level partner of Safe Software, we have cutting-edge expertise in needs analysis, solution implementation as well as hand-on support for your employees.

Adapted tools + optimized processes = smart data!

FME Desktop

Centralize your data and increase your productivity.

FME Server

Control data movement throughout your organization.

Starter Kit for FME

Get concrete results and reap the benefits of our seasoned experts’ knowledge!

Booster Kit for FME

Go further and develop your FME proficiency.

Assessment parcels management

Speed up the creation of your assessment parcels.

Self-service portal for data downloading

Simplify access to your data with a self-service kiosk.

Data uploading portal

Receive, validate and process data at any time!