Start from a solid foundation
with our Starter Kit for FME

Make the most of your geospatial data processing tools with customized support focused on your challenges. In addition to providing FME Desktop training, our experts work with you to identify the key processes in need of automation and act as coaches while the software is being implemented at your organization.

Get concrete results and reap the rewards of our experts’ tricks of the trade.

With the Starter Kit for FME, you can reach unprecedent heights in data processing, integration and analysis, all without overburdening your geomatics analysts. The power of FME, combined with the knowledge transferred from our experts, will quickly empower your team to independently complete projects and maximize your return on investment. 

The Kit includes:

  • Needs-based, customized training
  • Hands-on coaching sessions to help you progress
  • Brainstorming sessions to identify automation and integration opportunities

See quick, tangible gains

  • Laser focus on which processes to automate
  • A team trained to get the most from FME software
  • Processes optimized for a high return on investment

The Starter Kit was an ideal opportunity to both complete a needed “real world” project while receiving one-on-one training for FME using our data and our systems.

- Scott Sirotkin, Senior Planner / GIS Analyst, Newton County

Boost your productivity in 3 steps

FME Desktop training

Harness the power of FME and apply it to your needs.

Zeroing in on key processes

Determine which processes provide the biggest gains to your organization.

Analysis and optimization

Increase your ROI by gaining more benefits from your investment in FME.

Our certified experts make your FME implementation a breeze

  • Apply best practices
  • Improve the quality of your data
  • Generate recurring savings
The town of Caledon purchased the Starter Kit with Consortech to complement our development objectives for our GIS resources. The largest benefit from it was that Consortech has extensive expertise with FME tools and were able to effectively teach us new techniques for our use cases, including best practices and efficiencies for our work.

They trained our staff on FME and then supported us with the Starter Kit to develop our different use cases with FME. After a year, our GIS staff now feels confident they can develop better FME solutions. 

They followed a very effective process with us. To start, Consortech would ask questions on what we were trying to achieve and examine processes that we were currently using. In some cases, he was able to take work that we had started to develop and tailor it in to a completed workbench.  Along the way, Consortech would demonstrate transformers during coaching sessions and explained their usefulness and advantages over using other transformer combinations.  They highlighted caching tools to reduce time when troubleshooting a workbench.

When we upgraded FME, they showed us where to update the transformers to ensure the workbench ran smoothly in the new version.  At the end of a completed workbench, they would annotate and bookmark the workspace, indicating what each transformer and section did.  From there, we were able to add more Town relevant information and instructions to create the finalized workbench.  We worked off the versions Consortech created to make more robust systems and apply the knowledge we had learned from Consortech to use.

Consortech staff was always professional, honest and courteous in their interactions with the Town of Caledon staff. 

 – Melissa Yardy , Supervisor – IT Corporate Solutions, Town of Caledon

Learn to master FME and reap the rewards