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Revolutionize your geospatial data management,

The main barrier to technological change is uncertainty.

Municipalities, government institutions, utilities and energy companies can’t risk compromising the performance of their services by testing out new technology. Often, these organizations have gold mines of data at their fingertips, but they lack the effective means to use them to their full potential.

No matter how complex your IT infrastructure or how critical your data, our promise remains the same: our solutions work. Always. 

As FME trailblazers, our experts can adapt to any situation

Rapid population growth, digital transformation, a need to link GIS to other systems, a desire for open data, you name it. Our experts know FME is the ideal solution for a myriad of contexts.

We’re your partners every step of the way

Even though you can have absolute faith in our solutions, we’ll never keep you in the dark. We cherish our values of openness, collaboration and accountability.

FME is such a powerful technology because it is neutral

The beauty of FME lies in its neutrality. With this platform, you can enhance your existing systems—such as Esri—and link them, no matter their technical architecture.

We give you back control of your data

After countless hours extracting, converting and processing data, it can feel like the data’s in charge. With automation, we make your data work for you.

Our experts are here to listen.

And offer pragmatic advice and solutions adapted to your reality.