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Your geospatial data is a treasure. Use it.

Do you know how far the data you have right now can go? You amass huge quantities of information in your GIS platform (whether Esri or not), databases, corporate applications, website and your other systems. All of this could be helping you make informed decisions, if only it was processed in an organized, optimized manner. 

Our know-how, paired with the versatility of the FME platform, enables your data to be extracted, isolated, translated and enriched to broaden your analytical opportunities. You’ll have clean, reliable data tailored to your applications and standards.


  • Achieve a holistic view
  • Transform your data error-free
  • Enjoy data perfectly tailored to your standards
  • Extract and manipulate data with precision to create value

Our added value:

  • Advanced knowledge of the possibilities provided by transformation
  • Expertise to help you derive the most value from your existing data
  • Expert advice on acquiring new data
  • The ability to process any type of data format

Our knowledge of GIS data formats and standards enables us to quickly identify and create value for your organization. 

Success Story

Niagara Region

The client now has a system that enables them to integrate infrastructure data about distributing drinking water and managing wastewater from external suppliers in their territory. In addition, by leveraging the use of configuration files, the client can exploit the same system for transforming, validating, and correcting of other types of data—benefiting from greater flexibility!

Make the most of your data