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With FME 2020 fresh off the presses, Consortech’s team of FME enthusiasts have weighed in on their favorite new features. The consensus was that it was hard to pick just one favorite, but here they are:

Patrick: Mapbox Vector Tiles (MVT) – Reader/Writer

As far as mapping applications are concerned, Mapbox must be one of my favorites. It’s fast, stable, customizable and incredibly user-friendly both from a user or a developer standpoint. This is why I’m mostly excited to work with the new Mapbox Vector Tile (MVT) Writer to create various styles for my input vector data based on the type of vector data (roads, parcels, rivers, etc.), the zoom level, and so on. I’m also looking forward to the ability to read vector features contained in Mapbox vector tiles with the MVT Reader. It will surely make vector data extraction from web applications much easier!

Alexis: FME Server licensing – pay as you go

A new plan option for FME Server is available starting in 2020! On top of being able to buy Engines the traditional way, you can now pay for Dynamic Engines and gain in flexibility, as you only pay for the processing hours you use. This model is ideal for companies with short, but intense bouts of traffic on FME Server. I for one am excited about it because it doesn’t take anything away from the traditional method of licensing FME Server, but it’s just one more option for your one-time needs.

Jean: Transform your data faster

With much more powerful Transformers, you no longer need Python and can get around all the upgrading. I love the idea! One of my main challenges is setting up mechanisms to optimize processing.

Felix: FME Data Express

FME 2019 brought out a new feature: an app that lets you run FME Server workspaces from a mobile device, with a simple and easy-to-use interface. As the platform has a mobile-optimized design, it can use some of your device’s features, such as the camera and the GPS, as input for the published parameters of your workspace. In 2020, the ability to use mapping tools and scan QR codes will be added to the list of things this app can do.

German: PowerBI and IBM Maximo, now integrated

There are always Readers/Writers and connections being added, and the 2020 version is no exception, with new connections for IBM Maximo, an asset management application, and PowerBI, a data analytics and visualization application. Many users have been eagerly awaiting these additions, which allow for even more processes with no intervention required. Application integration has become more important than ever for both private and municipal organizations.

Ahn Phuong: Automations Improvements

The new FME Server Automations Writer opens a lot of possibilities to transfer data from one workspace to another in the automation chain. The Automations management on the FME Server Interface is also improved to let you use the data coming out from the FME Server Automations Writer.

Lesley: Loops within Automations

We’re really starting to see how workflows built with FME Server Automations are looking more and more like ones built in FME Workbench. We might be a few years away from fully developing FME workflows through the FME Server UI, but loops combined with the FME Server Automations Writer may revolutionize how messages are handled and how automations are run. I look forward to testing it out for myself!


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