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Date : September 23rd-25th 2019
Location : Syracuse, New York

This will be the first time Consortech will participate at this event, and we are excited to go as a Platinum Sponsor! At the event, joined by our client Guy Carpenter we will give a 25 minutes presentation to explain a really interesting data automation project we did in collaboration with them.

Title : Automated Catastrophic Events Geographic data load using FME Platform

Abstract :

Guy Carpenter & Company, LLC is a leading global risk and reinsurance solutions provider with over $1B in revenues. Guy Carpenter needed automation around loading real-time catastrophic events data feeds such as hurricanes, hail, tornados, wind, floods, wildfires and earthquakes from across the globe. The feeds are received in various source formats such as .SHP, KML, CSV and JSON/GeoJSON from different APIs provided by various vendors. Guy Carpenter used the FME Data Integration Platform to develop complex automated data load pipelines to extract, transform and load all of these real-time data events into our proprietary analytics platform. Multiple scheduled jobs are configured in FME to run these transformations with high frequency, daily, to load vector and raster format data. Once the data is loaded into the target database, the users can monitor these catastrophic events in an easy to use workflow in our application. A breakdown of exposures by severity enables users to quickly view the full extent of the event and then easily drill into specific severities. The map layers are then used to estimate the portfolio exposure.