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Date : October 8th 2019
Time : 5:00 pm – 7:00 pm (E.T)
Location : Toronto Congress Centre, 650 Dixon Rd
Cost : Free

Come and enjoy a beer with the Consortech’s team during the Esri UC in Toronto. This is a great opportunity to learn how to leverage ESRI with FME while networking with your peers. Bring a friend, drinks are on us! 

Short Presentation : 

Leveraging Esri with FME

In this short presentation, we will present some ideas of how we and our clients leverage FME and ESRI technologies together. Here are some interesting ideas, some which we are currently working on now :

  • Import and Export of Data: Probably the most common use of fme and esri.
    -Integrating data from external systems or third parties
    -Reworking, simplifying data to publish out to ArcGIS Feature Services
  • Geocoding: uploading tabular address data to FME and leveraging ArcGIS geocoding services to provide location data
  • Tracking and monitoring field work with FME, Tracker for ArcGIS and Collector for ArcGIS: This is a project we are working on doing some on the fly analysis of gps track data from field workers for a gas company.

Presentation length : 20 min

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