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Increase access

to your data

Is your organization looking to reproduce a data set in other formats to make it useful to more users or applications? If so, then conversion is necessary. Conversion consists in taking data from its source and converting it as part of an ETL process. Transformations  can also be performed as part of the same process.

Data integrity must be carefully maintained during a conversion process. That is why the details and data formats are closely analyzed. Our experts have prepared and performed many conversions. They know how to harness the full potential of your data.

This process:

  • Converts data from one format to another
  • Helps organizations increase the number of platforms with which their data can be used
  • Securely duplicates data

Our added value:

Success Story

City of Airdrie

With the introduction of the new GIS model, Airdrie now has a single set of data to maintain. The city has started over with an updated version of its underground infrastructure data and abandoned the old GIS model.

In addition to having centralized, up-to-date data, Airdrie no longer needs to manually perform import and assignment tasks.

Increase the number of platforms and tools
with which your data can be used.