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A Quebec municipality with a population of approximately 20,000 wanted to make better use of its data to innovate and offer residents new services. The organization sought to allow its internal users to do more by making greater use of the information at their disposal.

As a result of our municipal experience, our advanced expertise in FME and our in-depth knowledge of georeferenced databases, the city decided to use our services to help them move forward and complete projects with FME such as:

  • Converting GIS data to AutoCAD plans
  • Synchronizing DWG plans during GIS database updates
  • Improving the management of compost bins distributed to residents


Our Starter Kit for FME solution proved to be perfectly adapted to the city’s needs. The following elements were put in place:

  • Practical training on FME, including the use of DWG and XLS templates, database reading methods, automated task call-up by batch file and the creation of email notifications
  • Collaborative development of FME workspaces from remote work sessions
  • Efforts focused on the city’s actual data to facilitate learning and deliver concrete data processing prototypes


Since only one user was responsible for all GIS related activities, we had to ensure that the project’s development did not hinder their tasks and productivity. To achieve this, we took charge of the planning and communicated proactively, while remaining flexible and adapting to the user’s schedule, which had to accommodate several unforeseen events. The challenge was therefore to harmoniously integrate the various stages of the project into their work, in order to achieve the objectives without upsetting their usual activities.


Our collaboration with the city has generated several benefits:

  • Improved FME skills and data usage capabilities
  • Time savings in the preparation of DWG files for export
  • Better assessment of data quality through tailored reporting
  • Improved organizational efficiency by identifying the best automation projects for geospatial data management processes
  • Increased productivity with coaching sessions on FME

With the mechanisms in place, more time savings are expected in the coming years. In fact, the skills acquired, the knowledge of the tool and the openness to new possibilities with FME will help the organization to better use its data in the future!

Consortech helped us to take advantage of all the flexibility the FME platform offers. Our data is a valuable asset, and FME allows us to make it speak for the benefit of all our residents.

ICT Manager


Learn about the advantages of Consortech “boutique” services and take your organization to another level


Learn about the advantages of Consortech “boutique” services and take your organization to another level