Start from a solid foundation
with our Starter Kit for FME

Make the most of your ETL tools with customized support focused on your challenges. In addition to providing FME Desktop training, we work with you to identify the key processes in need of automation and act as a coach when the software is implemented in your organization.

Get concrete results and reap the benefits of tricks of the trade from our seasoned experts!

FME architecture has the power to perform complex data processing tasks and boost your productivity. The services in our start-up program give you a solid foundation for successfully starting and proceeding with your ETL projects.

The Starter Kit for FME includes:

  • Needs-based, customized training
  • Hands-on coaching sessions to help you progress
  • Brainstorming sessions to identify automation opportunities

See quick, tangible gains

  • Processes optimized for a high return on investment
  • Precise targeting of the processes to automate
  • A team that’s trained to take maximum advantage of FME software

Boost your productivity in 3 steps

FME Desktop training

Learn how to leverage the power of ETL to address your issues.

Strategic selection of key processes

Automate the processes that bring the biggest gains to your organization.

Coaching and support

Learn tricks to speed up your implementation and increase your ROI.

Let our certified experts help you successfully implement FME services

  • Apply best practices
  • Improve the quality of your data
  • Generate recurring savings

Save time and resources
by automating key tasks 

with our Starter Kit for FME.