Become a true FME wizard

Harness the full potential of your investment in FME technology with hands-on coaching sessions from Consortech’s team!

Leverage our consultants’ and programmer analysts’ experience to boost your team’s performance. We share our best practices with you and make concrete improvements to your data processing.

A comprehensive program with tangible results

FME is perfect for automating complex procedures and increasing your productivity. The services included in our Booster Kit for FME program will enable you to increase your optimization capabilities, improve your workspace performance and successfully complete your projects.

An expert team
to boost your data processing!

The Kit FME includes:

  • Hands-on coaching sessions to help you progress
  • Workspace analysis for optimization
  • Brainstorming sessions to identify the best optimization solutions

Quickly see tangible gains:

  • Precise targeting of the processes to optimize
  • A team that’s trained to make the most of FME software
  • Standardized processes for a high return on investment

Boost your productivity in 3 steps

FME Desktop training

Harness the power of FME and apply it to your challenges.

Zeroing in on key processes

Determine which processes provide the biggest gains to your organization.

Analysis and optimization

Increase your ROI by gaining more benefits from your investment in FME.

Our certified experts help you do more with FME

  • Apply best practices
  • Improve the quality of your data
  • Generate recurring savings

Turn your analyst into FME ninjas


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