Become self-sufficient with FME Server training

Want to expand data access across your organization?

FME Server lets you go further! This software solution works directly with FME Desktop to accomplish more, such as automating and orchestrating complex data movements across your organization.

Learn to schedule data synchronization and monitor assets with a two-day training course on FME Server!

Training plan (two days)

Introduction to FME Server

  • FME Server roles and architecture
  • Workspace management
  • Publishing workspaces
  • Web interface basics
  • Jobs and job history
  • System cleanup
  • Security roles and policies

Running workspaces with FME Server

  • Source data management
  • Database connections
  • Publishing data
  • Temporary uploads
  • Resource filesystem
  • Running a workspace from a URL
  • Authoring job chains

Self-serve with FME Server

  • FME Server services
  • Data uploads
  • Layer selection and handling
  • Geographic selection

Real-time with FME Server

  • Real-time and FME
  • The notification service
  • Publications and subscriptions
  • Email notifications
  • Workspaces as subscriptions and/or publications

Message streams

  • What is message streaming?
  • Elements of a message stream
  • Message streaming architecture

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