The validation process provides a huge benefit: the assurance that you’re working with reliable data. Consortech has a thorough understanding of many formats and standards, and ensures that your data is complete, valid, and compatible with industry standards.

We’ve completed many data validation projects for organizations of all sizes since 1999. Every project is unique and deserves in-depth understanding. After analyzing an organization’s context, needs and current processes, our team identifies a solution that’s suited to its technological, administrative, and human environment. We also have turnkey solutions to quickly validate your data.

This process lets you:

  • Automate data validation and correction
  • Prepare data prior to integrating it into the centralized database or data warehouse
  • Implement a data governance policy

Enjoy many advantages:

  • Identical format and structure for data from multiple sources
  • Compliance with predefined standards
  • Detection of changes between two data sets
  • The guarantee that no data is lost in the process

Success Story

York Region

In less than six months, our team consulted the different stakeholders to develop a shared project vision. We designed the solution’s architecture, implemented FME (Desktop and Server), and developed the web interface.

With the portal, the client benefits from their employees needing to invest less effort, consistent data, integrated systems, the ability to share data, and a shorter response time for residents.

The best decisions are based
on valid, corrected and reliable data!