Make use of the wealth

hidden in your data

Do you know how far your existing data can take you?

You can significantly increase the value of your databases with some transformations!

Transformation (the T in ETL) is a process that goes one step further than conversion by enriching as well as converting information. Whether the transformation is general or specific, it enables data sets to be in the formats required by the destination database and unveils new opportunities for your data.

It is sometimes necessary to skillfully extract data from a single field to perform transformations. Advanced functions make it possible to isolate and transform data whose use was previously limited. And converting data into a single neutral format makes it possible to transform data outside of closed systems.  

Your data takes on its full meaning with a partner like Consortech.

This process lets you:

  • Combine and enrich data sets
  • Ensure that the final data complies with standards
  • Extract and manipulate data with precision to create value

Our added value:

  • A holistic view of your organization’s data
  • Advanced knowledge of the possibilities provided by transformation
  • Expertise to derive the most value from your existing data
  • Sound advice regarding the acquisition of new data

Success Story

Niagara Region

The client now has a system that enables them to integrate infrastructure data about distributing drinking water and managing wastewater from external suppliers in their territory. In addition, by leveraging the use of configuration files, the client can exploit the same system for transforming, validating, and correcting of other types of data—benefiting from greater flexibility!

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your data.