Every day, many systems, web services, and vendors generate data in different formats that your organization has to process and collect. If you want all this data to converge without being compromised, you need the rigor of an expert team.

Our knowledge of the formats and standards of multiple industries is one of our great strengths. But beyond just moving data, Consortech identifies and creates value for your organization.

Integration is a must  when you need to:

  • Merge datasets from various sources
  • Combine data to get a unified view
  • Enrich information with data subsets from different systems

Enjoy many

  • Unstructured files can be imported into databases
  • Data can be enriched by the addition of open and public data
  • Spatial and non-spatial data can be integrated together

Success Story

Niagara Region

The client now has a system that enables them to integrate infrastructure data about distributing drinking water and managing wastewater from external suppliers in their territory. In addition, by leveraging the use of configuration files, the client can exploit the same system for transforming, validating, and correcting of other types of data—benefiting from greater flexibility!

Link your systems.
Enrich your data.