Accessing data is a key component of decision making. Today, organizations must respond to an ever-increasing number of requests that cannot be processed individually. Automated mechanisms must be put in place to make data available at the right place and the right time.


Data flow automation opens the door to a world of possibilities:

  • Generate data according to a precise schedule
  • Derive data for performance indicators
  • Transfer data between systems or synchronize it across them
  • Compare data in two systems
  • Automate data validation or extraction

Processes executed like clockwork for unrivaled efficiency

Consortech’s experts start by analyzing your long-term data access needs. They develop a list of processes that could be automated, and then plan a logical and efficient way to do so.

Our team solves all challenges related to automation, from loading data to/from the cloud to extracting information from Excel or HTML files, so you can go further with your data.

This process lets you:

  • Work consistently in the short and long term
  • Bridge gaps between your spatial data and your data from other systems
  • Make the most use of your organization’s tools

Our added value:

  • A proven program that considers all aspects of an automation project
  • Use of good practices that are compatible with the existing IT structure
  • FME Workbench optimization

Success Story

Niagara Region

The client now has a system that enables them to integrate infrastructure data about distributing drinking water and managing wastewater from external suppliers in their territory. In addition, by leveraging the use of configuration files, the client can exploit the same system for transforming, validating, and correcting of other types of data—benefiting from greater flexibility!

Efficiently transfer your data between systems.