Date: April 5th, 2019
City: Edmonton, Alberta
Location: Westin Edmonton (10135 100 St NW, T5J 0N7)
Cost: Free

Transform data to derive statistics for dashboarding and reporting with FME

Workshop objectives : 

  • Transform tabular data (permits from a database table) into a GIS format.
  • With GIS data, derive statistics and performance indicators that will bring more intelligence to your organisation.
  • Format data for an automated integration into a BI tool for dashboarding and reporting.
  • Break down an end to end solution to further understand the relationship between its key components.

Pre-Requisites: Intermediate knowledge of FME Desktop

We will provide all attendees a free FME license to use for the workshop which will be valid for 30 days. Just bring your laptop!


8:30am: Welcome and setup

9:00am : Data extraction and conversion of permit data into a GIS format

12:00pm : Lunch (not provided)

1:30pm: Data formatting and preparation to load into a visualisation tool for dashboard/reporting

4:30pm: Conclusion

Places are limited, register now!

FME World Tour 2019 Edmonton - Workshop