Brossard (Québec), le 22 juin 2017 – Consortech is partnering with geomatics software development and commercialization firm K2 Geospatial. The two companies are leaders in their respective fields: K2 Geospatial operates particularly with the JMap suite of products, while Consortech offers geospatial data integration consulting services based on FME ETL technology in addition to implementing data exchange process automation solutions.
Through this agreement, the two parties hope to pool their expertise and solutions to improve and diversify the range of services each company can offer to its current and future clients.

“This partnership with Consortech will give K2’s clients access to expertise that complements our own and that of our current partners. Consortech has solid expertise in geomatics applied to engineering and construction, and more specifically in design and technical data processing and management, which will round out K2’s offer,” said Jacques Charron, CEO of K2 Geospatial.

K2 Geospatial and Consortech were led to work together by a shared desire to combine their expertise to streamline the integration and implementation of geospatial solutions in infrastructure management.

“The partnership agreement between K2 Geospatial and Consortech will allow their clients to benefit from an excellent technological solution supported by high-level implementation services. The Consortech team is confident that its knowledge of data processing methods will allow JMap users to access a wider range of quality data and enable them to make more informed decisions. Consortech is proud to share common values with K2 Geospatial, which bodes well for a fruitful long-term partnership,” said Rémy Pelletier, President of Consortech.