Get full flexibility with FME Cloud

With FME Cloud, the hosted version of FME Server, you can build a technical architecture tailored to your needs, all while cutting down on physical infrastructure costs.

FME Cloud is the best of both worlds: FME Server’s versatility, coupled with the cloud’s elasticity. Build your workspaces and get them up and running on the cloud in real time, with no need for complex infrastructure.

Get a powerful IT architecture that’s tailored to your needs with FME Cloud, in no time flat.

Why choose FME Cloud :

  • To have the flexibility to increase or decrease your processing and storage capacity at any time
  • To benefit from an ultrapowerful IT infrastructure… minus the acquisition and maintenance costs
  • To sleep soundly: With features like our SSL connections, high-grade encryption and two-step authentication, your data is safe with us
  • To get real-time updates and backups

We create value by:

  • Analyzing your current and future data processing and storage needs
  • Managing your FME Cloud account and hosting your data
  • Proposing innovations like containerization to make your processing more powerful and elastic
With shifting priorities and rapid digital transformations within the federal government, FME Cloud with the support from Consortech, provides us the flexibility, scalability and agility to meet our enterprise data management challenges head on.

– Chris Thorne, Geomatics and Data Architect, Environment Climate Change Canada


More performance and flexibility, with minimal management.

All the advantages of FME Server, without the hassle of hardware.