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Consortech has proven its unmatched expertise in developing and implementing solutions using different technologies to assist clients in attaining their corporate objectives. Consortech is therefore introducing flexible solutions that promote interoperability between systems. This enables clients to:

  • Optimize their software investments;
  • Improve coordination and collaboration efforts between departments by centralizing information;
  • Reduce operating costs;
  • Reduce the number of delays in completing projects.

Traditionally, software are often sold and used for a particular purpose to satisfy specific requirements without any relation with one another. Consortech takes a different approach based on a global vision; all the software it supports form part of a toolbox to serve the various needs of clients.

Team Power

This technological integration expertise relies on the experience and complementary specializations of the Consortech team. The fact that it capitalizes on distinct competencies and resources and reconciles them within an integration project guarantees the success of even the most complex implementations. Consortech considers both its products and its human resources as the totality of its core competencies interacting in harmony for the execution and completion of various projects.

The ability of Consortech to integrate technologies aims to create high-performing solutions under two principal concepts:

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