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Thanks to its 20-year experience in geomatics, Consortech’s GIS specialist team can provide assistance in managing geospatial data, land, and even in transforming and manipulating data.

Visionary Clients
  • Federal and provincial governments
  • Municipalities
  • Public utilities
  • Geomatics firms
  • Engineering consultancy firms
  • Firms specializing in the environment
Complete Expertise A Different Vision

Geospatial data and technologies not only provide a better understanding of an organization’s environment but also lie at the core processes that facilitate consultation, publishing and exchange within an organization. Consortech adheres to the principle of interoperability; hence the existence of a unique source of exchanged data which eliminates—as much as possible—redundancy and potential errors.

Consortech is proud of its geomatics team, where each member holds either a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree. This is in line with the company’s goal to provide technical expertise that is both exceptional and reliable. Our objective is to assist clients in achieving and maintaining a high mastery level of geospatial knowledge and to support them in their commitment towards achieving a modern and optimal management of resources.

As a member of various professional associations such as the AGMQ, AICQ and URISA OC, Consortech keeps abreast of issues affecting the industry. This is one way we can maintain specific knowledge of our clients’ business activities, enabling us to offer them customized solutions aimed to increase productivity gains and reduce delays and costs relating to project design and execution.

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