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Autodesk Gold Partner

Consortech has developed a proactive approach to serve building engineering clients by promoting the implementation of innovative and integrated solutions into the BIM (Building Information Modeling) concept leading to improved productivity through the use of virtual modeling for projects.

Having already carried out numerous implementations of Autodesk® Revit® Structure solutions in well-known companies, our technical specialists have acquired in-depth knowledge of the industry, enabling us to offer solutions adapted to the design and modeling of building structures and civil works.

Visionary Clients
  • Engineering consultancy firms
  • Manufacturers of steel structures
  • Detailers
  • Construction firms
  • Municipalities and Government Departments (provincial and federal)
Integrated Products

The advantage of the BIM concept in building engineering translates into a synergy between the work of engineers and design technicians through a bidirectional link between the Revit Structure and Robot™ Structural Analysis software programmes. The information contained in the model also facilitates exchanges between designers, manufacturers and detailers via the AutoCAD® Structural Detailing software.

Autodesk® Revit® Structure

Leveraging a 3D design and modeling tool - Revit Structure - Consortech assists its clients in:

  • Reducing design time by using one 3D model;
  • Reducing the work time of drafters (drawings are linked to the 3D model and are automatically generated in accordance with the client’s CAD standards);
  • Eliminating errors in plans (dynamic link between sheets);
  • Improving collaboration among technicians and engineers (Revit – Robot link);
  • Responding with ease to clients’ change requests (the model is 100% dynamic and therefore any impact resulting from the changes is taken into consideration).

Autodesk Revit Structure
Autodesk® Revit® Structure Brochure
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AutoCAD® Structural Detailing

Based on the AutoCAD® platform, Structural Detailing automates the production of workshop drawings for different types of steel and concrete structures. It also allows for the creation of frame details and connections linked to the 3D model. Its link with Revit Structure optimizes collaboration between designers, manufacturers and detailers. The software also provides a link to CNC machinery.

AutoCAD Structural Detailing
AutoCAD® Structural Detailing Brochure
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Autodesk® Robot™ Structural Analysis Professional

At the structural analysis level, Robot Structural Analysis allows for the rapid execution of simulations and calculations of complex model structures, including multi-material structures (concrete, steel and wood). The software incorporates Canadian codes and has a bidirectional link with Revit Structure for better coordination between engineers and technicians.

Autodesk Robot Structural Analysis Professional
Autodesk® Robot™ Structural Analysis Professional Brochure
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Recognized Expertise

The distinct and proactive approach of Consortech has earned it the Autodesk designation of being the only reseller in Canada; it has been authorized by Autodesk to sell and support the structural analysis tool - Robot Structural Analysis Professional.

Pont modélisé avec Revit StructureMoreover, Consortech is proud to have contributed to the advancement of Autodesk solutions in 3D modeling for bridges and civil works. The expertise of its specialists, its avant-garde vision, its knowledge of the markets and its direct relationships with different expert firms has enabled it to act as adviser-consultant to the Autodesk development team for the creation of Revit Structure’s Bridge Extension.

We are also very active in the community of users; we organize bi-annual meetings for Revit Structure user groups during which we assist participants in refining their knowledge and skills in an environment conducive for dialogue and exchange.

As a member of various professional associations such as the AICQ and ACRGTQ, Consortech stays abreast of different issues affecting the industry. This is one way we can maintain specific knowledge of our clients’ business activities, enabling us to offer them customized solutions aimed to increase productivity gains and reduce delays and costs relating to project design and execution.


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