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In a context where multiple infrastructure investments are on the rise, civil engineering organizations receive numerous contracts putting them in the difficult situation of recruiting specialized personnel. Thanks to its highly specialized expertise in the field of civil engineering, Consortech excels in technology solutions leading to considerable productivity gains and reductions in the number of design errors.

Visionary Clients
  • Engineering consultancy firms
  • Excavation and construction firms
  • Firms specializing in the environment
  • Surveyors
  • Municipalities
  • Governmental organizations
High Performance Product: AutoCAD® Civil 3D®

Civil engineering solutions recommended by Consortech are based on tried and tested technologies that rely on the innovative product of Autodesk: AutoCAD Civil 3D.

Civil 3D is a software that automates CAD functions relating to civil engineering through a dynamic 3D model with the capability to:

AutoCAD Civil 3D
  • Eliminate quantity estimation errors by using optimized calculations for filling and excavating;
  • Reduce drawing and calculation time thanks to automatic generation for mapping, profile plans, latitudinal sections, general earthwork, etc.;
  • Eliminate graphic representation errors because plans are generated based on the client’s drawing standards;
  • Reduce the impact of change requests, thanks to a unique and dynamic 3D model;
  • Automate the transfer of data from the CAD software to survey data instruments.
AutoCAD Civil 3D
AutoCAD® Civil 3D® 2010 Brochure
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A Distinct Approach

Consortech has the distinction of having a support team, two of whom are applications specialists who are the only ones in Canada holding the title Autodesk Implementation Expert, the highest certification level conferred by Autodesk for civil engineering. With in-depth knowledge of clients’ requirements, Consortech’s specialist team can develop and implement integrated solutions; the company has trained more than 450 users on Civil 3D and has provided technical support for multiple civil engineering projects of varying complexities in Quebec. The expertise of its civil engineering specialists therefore goes beyond their knowledge of the software’s functionalities. They also understand the client’s field of expertise – a critical element that must be taken into consideration when choosing a service provider.

Moreover, an internal development team can make changes to the software so that it satisfies the specific requirements of the Quebec market. This capability has made it possible for us to create, among others, new sub-assemblies that address the specifications of highway engineering and to launch the SOLO Civil product that sets the parameters of Civil 3D so that it complies with the standards of the Quebec Transportation Minister.

SOLO Civil

We are also very active in the community of users; we organize bi-annual meetings for Civil 3D user groups during which we assist participants in refining their knowledge and skills in an environment conducive for dialogue and exchange.

Civil 3D User Group

Innovative Vision

Consortech is working actively to promote and adopt the BIM concept of exchanging information in 3D with buyers as well as with different parties involved in “civil ecosystems.” We also advocate the idea of getting involved as soon as builders are engaged in the engineering aspects of a civil works project because the idea of working with a virtual model done in Civil 3D enables a builder to intervene earlier and to demonstrate to the engineer the impact that the design will have upon execution.

As a member of various professional associations such as the AICQ, CERIU and ACRGTQ, Consortech wishes to keep abreast of issues affecting the industry. This is one way we can maintain specific knowledge of our clients’ business activities, enabling us to offer them customized solutions aimed to increase productivity gains and reduce delays and costs relating to project design and execution.

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