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FME Server

Industry: Geomatics

Course length: 2 days


Prospective students must have completed the FME Training Course or prove a solid comprehension of FME.

Topics covered:

  • Introduction to FME Server
    • FME Server roles and architecture
    • Workspace management
    • Publishing workspaces
    • Web interface basics
    • Jobs and job history
    • System cleanup
    • Security roles and policies
  • Running Workspaces with FME Server
    • Source data management
    • Database connections
    • Publishing data
    • Temporary uploads
    • Resource filesystem
    • Running with a URL
    • Authoring job chains
  • Self-Serve with FME Server
    • FME Server services
    • Data uploads
    • Layer selection and handling
    • Geographic selection
  • Real-Time with FME Server
    • Real-Time and FME
    • The notification service
    • Publications and subscriptions
    • Email notifications
    • Workspace as subscriptions, publication and as both
  • Message Streams
    • What is message streaming?
    • Elements of a message stream
    • Message streaming architecture

Notes : Troubleshooting for administrators is covered for each topic above.

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