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FME Desktop - Advanced

Industry: Geomatics

Course length: 2 days


Prospective students must have completed the FME Desktop Training Course or prove a solid comprehension of FME.

Topics covered:

Training material is adapted to your specific needs – here are suggested topics.

  • Advanced Parameter Use
    • FME Parameters
    • Shared Parameters
    • Parameter Settings
    • Specialist Parameters
  • Performance Considerations
    • Performance and FME
    • 64-Bit FME
    • Log File Interpretation
    • Reader and Writer Optimization
    • Transformer Optimization
    • Parallel Processing
    • Server and Cloud Performance
  • Custom Transformers
    • Creating a Custom Transformer
    • Input and Output Ports
    • Schema Handling
    • Switching Transformer Type
    • Looping
  • Advanced Readers and Writers
    • Writing Zip Files
    • Fanouts
    • Dynamic Translations
    • Dynamic Schema Handling
    • Advanced Dynamic Schemas
  • Advanced Attribute Handling
    • Constructing Values
    • FME Functions
    • Conditional Values
    • Multiple Feature Attributes
    • Null Attributes

Notes :

  • Course lenght can vary depending on the subjects chosen by the client.
  • Requires use of Consortech Training computers or prior approval of instructor to ensure adequate environment is available
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