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Autodesk Revit® Structure - Essentials

Industry: Civil Engineering

Course length: 3 days


No previous CAD experience is necessary.  Basic knowledge of the Microsoft Windows environment is recommended.

Topics covered:

  • Building Informations Modeling
  • Revit Structure Basics
    • The Revit User Interface
    • Working with Revit Elements and Families
  • Viewing the Structural Model
    • Managing Views
    • Controlling Object Visibility
    • Creating Elevations and Sections
    • Working with 3D Views
  • Starting a New Project
    • Starting a Project
    • Working with Levels
    • Adding Grids
  • Creating Structural Columns and Walls
    • Adding Structural Columns
    • Adding Structural Walls
  • Creating Frames
    • Adding Floor Framing
    • Working with Beams and Beam Systems
    • Creating Structural Steel Frames
  • Creating Slabs and Roofs
    • Adding Floor Decks and Slabs
    • Adding Roofs
  • Creating Foundations
    • Adding Footings and Grade Beams
    • Creating Foundation Slabs and Slabs on Grade
  • Additional Building Components
  • Creating Plan Annotations and Schedules
    • Adding Tags
    • Adding Dimensions, Symbols, and Text
    • Creating Legends
    • Creating Schedules
  • Creating Sections and Details
    • Adding Structural Wall Sections and Reinforcement
    • Adding Detail Lines and Detail Groups
    • Importing Typical DWG Details
    • Adding Concrete Detail Components
    • Creating Steel Details
  • Creating Construction Documentation
    • Working with Sheets
    • Printing Sheets
    • Exporting Content to CAD Formats
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