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Autodesk Revit® – BIM Manager

Industry: Architecture

Course Length: 1 day

Topics covered:

  • What’s a BIM Manager?
    • Description of role and responsabilities
    • Other project stakeholders in relation to the BIM Manager
  • BIM Management Plan (and BIM Execution Plan)
    • What’s a BIM Management Plan?
    • What needs to be included in a BIM Management Plan?
  • Documenting project information
    • Defining challenges
      • Analyzing project constraints
      • Inputing project data/program
      • Getting to know the project team
      • Establishing roles and responsabilities
      • Establishing delivery and modeling schedule
    • Defining the tools
      • Modeling platform for each and every discipline
      • Coordinate systems
      • Cleaning up incoming files and models
      • Using external references
  • Managing models
    • Establishing project milestones based on deliverables
      • Project targets
      • Quality Control
    • Model information management
      • Level of Development
      • Required information
  • Coordination
    • Establishing tools and methodology for multidisciplinary coordination
    • Model management and collaboration strategy
    • Monitoring coordination meetings
    • Emissions and addendas


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