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AutoCAD® Map 3D – Geospatial

Industry: Infrastructure engineering

Course length: 2 days


Basic knowledge of AutoCAD

Topics covered:

  • Connecting to Feature Sources
    • Connecting to SHP and SDF
    • Working with Feature Layers
    • Connecting to Raster Arial Photos and Surfaces
    • Connecting to ODBC data store
    • Working with Survey Stores
  • Stylizing Features
    • Stylizing lines, points, polygons
    • Stylizing Raster Features
    • Scale Dependant Styles
    • Applying Themes
  • Working with Features
    • Creating Feature Filters and Feature Queries
    • Editing Geometry and Attributes
    • Creating Joins
    • Using Constraints
    • Bulk Copy
  • Managing Features
    • Creating and Using Buffers
    • Create Calculated Properties
    • Using Overlay Analysis
  • Workflows
    • Using Workflow Designer for Overlay Analysis
  • Job Processes
    • Example 1: Updating Parcels with New Subdivision
      • Editing feature geometries and attributes
    • Example 2: Creating a Map Using Cartographic Standards
      • Controlling styles and scales
    • Example 3: Sharing Data With a Third Party
      • Using joins and calculations to produce a set of data for a contractor
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