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AutoCAD® Civil 3D® – Essentials

Industry: Surveying

Course length: 3 days


Basic knowledge of AutoCAD, Autodesk Land Desktop and/or Autodesk Civil Design would be an advantage but not a requirement.

Topics covered:

  • Software
    • Terms and Basis knowledge.
    • Installation and system requirements.
    • Useful documentations.
  • Work Environment
    • Quick commands, roll down menus, tool bars, Ribbon.
    • Prospector and settings in Toolspace.
    • Personalize your environment with Workspace Settings.
    • 3D object visualization.
    • Panorama, information and editing box.
    • General settings of drawing.
    • General settings of labels.
    • Transfer settings between drawings.
    • Transparent commands
  • Points
    • Manage and edit general settings.
    • Create and edit points.
    • Usage of external files.
    • Manage points with Point Group.
  • Surface Modeling
    • Base settings and creation of surfaces.
    • Define surface from different data sources.
    • Create and manage surface style.
    • Manage large surface.
    • Edit surface geometry.
    • Calculate differential volumes.
    • Manage surface analysis.
    • Masks, limits and labels.
  • Grading (Landscape)
    • Feature Lines.
    • Base settings of grading objects.
    • Create grading objects.
    • Move and edit.
    • Manage and calculate volumes.
  • Road Design
    • Create and edit horizontal alignment.
    • Create profile view and existing ground profile.
    • Create and edit profile by layout.
    • Use design criteria sets.
    • Manage alignment and profile labels
  • Corridor Modeling
    • Understanding sub-assemblies.
    • Create and edit assemblies.
    • Create and edit simple 3D corridor project.
    • Overview of complex corridor (Enlargement, intersections).
    • Create surfaces on 3D corridor.
  • Sections and Materials
    • Create and edit sections.
    • Create and edit section views.
    • Calculate volume by sections.
    • Overview of material management.
    • Insert volume report in drawing.
  • Piping
    • Base settings.
    • Overview of Part Builder.
    • Create a network part list.
    • Create pipe network in plan and profile.
    • Manage labels in plan and profile.
    • Overview of Hydraflow extensions.
  • Survey
    • Base settings of survey.
    • Create survey network.
    • Import and update survey data.
    • Create surfaces from survey.
    • Overview of analysis commands.
  • Data management
    • Use of Data Shortcuts.
    • Produce data reports.
    • Use plan production tools.
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