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MRA + Design : Meeting a client’s tight delivery deadlines by modelling complex prototypes


An architectural firm managed to meet delivery deadlines for a major client through the production of complex prototypes by Consortech’s team of BIM experts.

MRA architecture+design has been carrying out high-quality projects to their clients’ specifications for nearly 20 years. When the Canadian branch of a major fast food chain decided to create a new look for all of its new locations, MRA architecture+design was tasked with modelling part of their new prototypes using Revit.

In order to respond effectively and within set deadlines to the request for the creation of complex prototypes, MRA architecture+design called upon Consortech’s services.

                                           What we implemented

MRA architecture+design already knew Consortech as a reseller—however, following a presentation on the topic, the firm’s executives were able to realize the extent of our professionals’ expertise. To allow MRA to meet their client’s timetable, Consortech’s BIM experts set out a three-part implementation plan:

  • Create a number of prototypes
  • Support the in-house team in producing some of the prototypes
  • Provide customized training based on the project’s technical needs


  • Meeting the tight delivery deadlines imposed by the client
  • Mitigating the effects of an excessive workload within the production department
  • Responding to a request for complex prototypes
  • Bringing knowledge of the Revit software solution up to date


Our specialized knowledge of architecture and engineering allowed us to help the firm produce its complex prototypes. Consortech’s experts deployed every effort to help MRA architecture+design meet its client’s requirements.

  • Project delivered within MRA’s client’s deadlines
  • Reusable prototypes were created for future projects with this client
  • MRA’s production team gained a better understanding of the Revit software solution
  • The team achieved independence for producing subsequent models

There is a wide variety of Revit training courses on the market, but the project required good functional and specific knowledge of architecture and engineering. In addition, results had to be delivered within fairly tight deadlines to meet the client’s needs. That’s why the creation of models by the Consortech team was a great help to us.

Manon Renaud, Architect, MRA architecture + design.
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