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Ventilation C.F.: Automating drafting and component fabrication

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Ventilation C.F. is a ventilation and air conditioning company that carries out large-scale commercial, institutional and industrial projects. True to its values of innovation and developing its labour force, the company hoped to implement new technologies and train personnel in order to automate drafting and component fabrication. Ventilation C.F. selected Consortech to lend its expertise to the project.

Unique expertise in production optimization with Revit

Ventilation C.F. contacted Consortech for a solution that would streamline the production process, from design to drafting and component fabrication.

They had a long wish list:

  • Speed up the drafting process
  • Automate production
  • Minimize losses
  • Maximize pre-installation coordination
  • Facilitate on-site installation

To that end, our experts:

  • Created an Autodesk fabrication database consistent with Ventilation C.F. standards
  • Installed Revit and CAMduct software
  • Trained a CAMduct administrator on managing and optimizing settings and procedures
  • Implemented Revit best practices according to the types of work carried out by Ventilation C.F.

Overcoming transition challenges

Our creativity and experience with similar projects allowed us to overcome every challenge we encountered:

  • Ventilation C.F. was one of the first companies in North America to make use of the compatibility of Revit and the CAMduct database (a new feature in Revit 2016). Our experts quickly resolved the few implementation issues that cropped up.
  • At first, the Ventilation C.F. team tried to use their pre-Revit fabrication methods, but certain steps in the fabrication process no longer worked, were obsolete or took too much time. The team had to find a new approach and implement production methods that were much more effective.
  • The workflow had to be adapted to these new methods. Any changes were clearly explained to the teams so they could better understand the issues and successfully transition.

Solid results and an enthusiastic team

The first ducts made entirely with the CAMduct database were installed, and—as the Ventilation C.F. team would later confirm—the results were beyond conclusive!

The real estate project in question was quite complex (small ceiling voids, a lot of machinery), and coordination across disciplines was crucial. The on-site team installed most of the ducts without interdisciplinary conflicts, and very few mistakes were reported, resulting in a quick and effective installation.

Do you have operational challenges you need to address?

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Investing in Revit for 3D modelling and automation allowed us to complete a very complex project with minimal losses—in installation man hours or materials. We will definitely continue to perfect our work methods with Revit to make even greater gains in the future.

Turin Bolduc, Chief Drafter, Ventilation C.F.
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